• Trimarans are fast! Most people make the mistake of comparing the cost of a similar length monohull and ignoring the performance. The comparison is significantly in favour of the trimaran if you compare cost per knot rather than cost per unit length. And the space available to spread out in a trimaran is substantially greater than in a monohull because the monohull does not have trampolines and because the stability provided by the outriggers on a trimaran mean that, above the waterline, the principle hull of the trimaran can be flared out without fear of toppling over.
  • Todays multihulls offer the only formula that is capable of providing, all in one small boat, the vital space necessary for both comfort and performance.
  • This performance enables you to sail far further than you would if you were dragging a keel along with you.
  • So you get higher speeds giving greater range and can visit places that would otherwise be out of reach.
  • There is an absence of heeling so it is more comfortable, level sailing than in monohulls.
  • The lack of heel means that the sails do not spill wind and so acceleration is much greater.
  • In practise the buoyancy of the leeward float and the weight of the crew, naturally to windward in a breeze, combine their effects to give the trimaran its exceptional stability.
  • Unlike a catamaran which has one trampoline or one central platform the trimaran can offer you a spacious principle hull that is infinitely more comfortable and safe in use.
  • Trimarans can save you a lot of space when accommodated in a harbour, marina or on land so reducing storage costs.
  • Trimarans are easy to trail making cruising and day sailing in new and different areas easy.
  • Their shallow draft permits access to places that keel boats cannot get.
  • Trimarans are easy to manhandle ashore because of light weight.
  • Light weight means also that small inexpensive and economical engines can be used when motoring.
  • Superior handling. Easier to tack than catamarans.
CATRI trimarans are unique
100% hydrofoiling boats 
making them exceptionally 
fast and stable

Nice aerial photo of a CATRI 24
WHY choose a CATRI 25?
  • If you want excitement in your sailing then this is the boat to thrill you. If you've been a cat sailor or a windsurfer but now have family committments that require a larger boat, don't compromise by buying a floating caravan. This boat can give you all the excitement you desire whilst being safe and spacious enough for your spouse and family. And buying a single trimaran like this between three mates who would race it together at weekends whilst sharing it with their families is a great direction to go.
  • 25ft is small enough to trail home during the winter for your annual maintenance. However, it is not a boat that you would trail every weekend. The complexity of the rigging means that you are not likely to trail it as frequently as you would the much simpler to rig Magnum 21 or Astus range of trimarans.
  • Low weight makes this multihull both very fast and also trailable with a 4x4. You do not require a specialist boat transporter.
  • 25 ft is big enough for spacious accommodation with 4 berths so you could cruise with your family in it for your holidays. This is possible because there is no centre board or mast intruding into the accommodation space. Leeway is prevented by the bruce foils, which have a vertical portion.
  • Accommodation and electrics mean the CATRI 25 may be sailed at night.
  • Very wide beam provides a very level ride and great safety. It feels like a much, much bigger boat than its length would imply, as do all trimarans.
  • Exceptional stability means an even higher mast than on the CATRI 24 with significantly bigger sails being provided giving excellent performance in light airs and spectacular performance in strong breezes, whilst performing impeccably in gales.
  • Foldability makes for cheap mooring and easy trailing.
  • The patented CATRI hydrofoil system automatically stabilises the CATRI in rough water, eliminating pitching and drastically reducing the risk of pitch-poling. This was the intention of the designer, Aldis Eglajs, - to elminate pitch-poling and capsize in trimarans.
  • The new hydrofoils can support the whole weight of the CATRI 25 thereby reducing drag and increasing speed (design max. approx. 40 knots!) equivalent to motor boats. This can only be achieved because of the incredible stability provided by the CATRI system of foils.
  • CATRI offers performance previously only available for many times its cost. In fact to get anywhere near this performance with a monohull you could add two noughts at the end of the CATRI price.
  • Modern construction materials mean CATRI is unsinkable.
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