Cut your mooring fees by folding your Catri.

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A folding system with the turning of the outrigger-beam unit along the longitudinal axis has been implemented to reduce the width in harbour conditions and during transportation on a trailer. The well established and much admired Farrier system of folding a trimaran has been adopted and improved for durability and function. The Catri folds down to a mere 2.8m width for mooring or 2.4m (impossible with a cruising catamaran) for trailing and the floats do not have to be removed or manhandled for trailing as they do for the Dragonfly.

So your CATRI 24 can be trailed to the Med or to Scotland or it can be taken home at the end of the season so you can maintain her at home at your convenience and keep her secure.

Folding to 2.4m width for trailing

Folding can be done single handed when alongside but otherwise requires two crew members, as does the lowering of the mast.

Use of winches eases the folding process.     Once the mast is down the CATRI 24 may easily be folded ready for trailing.

For lowering of the mast when afloat or ashore another system utilising wires is employed, which is simple in operation once set up.
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