PHOTOS of the CATRI 25 & 28 will be coming soon

4 up at Weymouth Speed Week Over 20 knots Good gust!
Shame it is on the way
back to the start. Although game for another run,
the wind was never as strong again.
The pictures above were taken at Weymouth Speed Week by Mark Deverell.
Full width - Full on Thrills without spills! Stern wave is eliminated by foils 
on rudder so there is no drag Catri 24 - showing Bruce foils well
Single handing Aerial photo of CATRI 24 Underside Catri 24 - starboard bow view
Bowsprit folded Spot the tail fins that act like the feathers on an arrow stabilising the outrigger. Port trampoline and outrigger Catri 24 - showing her sleek racing lines.
Launching Catri Catri 24 Trailer Catri 24 folds to normal monohull
proportions for marinas and harbours Functional shapes are naturally beautiful
'Feathers' placed at correct end 
of 'arrow' for automatic stabilisation Saloon looking aft Catri 24 saloon looking forward Aft cabin

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