Why Trimarans are so Fast

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CATRI 25 foiling trimarans

The CATRI brand is a well established stable with a great history of record breaking multihulls. Of course high speed requires that the boat should have low drag and this is achieved with the narrow hulls of the trimaran and the lift of the hydrofoils.

However, few sailors appreciate that high speed sailing is only possible with high stability. The CATRI 24 provided a really comfortable 90% hydrofoil stabilised platform upon which to take to the sea. NOW the NEW CATRI 25 offers 100% hydrofoiling! This foiler will amaze you with its acceleration and speed. Yet you will always feel safe, even at very high speeds, and in real seas because of the stabilisation provided by the clever (patented) arrangement of the hydrofoils and the boat's other safety features.
See how the functional shape of this Catri 24 is naturally beautiful. The new Catri 25 is an even more beautful shape!
Click this link to learn more about Catri trimarans. Below are links to old information about the Catri 24 which will help put the new CATRI 25 into context.
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