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Magnum 21 trimaran day boat
VirusPlus 16ft trimaran
Yole double sculling boat
TurboSkiff - sleek & unique
Turbo II Classic on weir
Turbo II
Kataram- safe as houses

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multihull for saleThe MAGNUM 21 - multihull dayboat - revolutionary concept

Exciting NEW 21ft multihull from VIRUSBOATS. Fast, safe and fun. Most multihulls for sale these days are either expensive cruising boats or scary beach cats. The MAGNUM 21 combines the comfort of a day boat with the speed of a multihull. The ideal compromise and at a very good price. multihull for sale

trimaranVirusPlus 16ft versatile family multihull

Choose your multihull. Trimaran or Proa? The VirusPlus can be either. You can even put the two floats together and make a rowing catamaran. This family boat is versatile with a capital V.

sailingUnique rowing catamaran - the Kataram

Just what is unique about this rowing multihull? Well it is in production for one thing. It is not just a protoype or an engineer's dream on a drawing board. But more than that it has a sliding rigger instead of a sliding seat and this makes it even fasterer than you might expect. It is stable and easy to row. You can buy it in its own right but if you are a VirusPlus trimaran owner then it only requires a simple kit to convert the two floats of a VirusPlus to this "Kataram".
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